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Spring is well underway here in Yakima, and the birds and bees are doing what comes naturally. So are all the flowers, which are popping up all over the place. Just walking around our front yard this past week, I was able to see quite a few beautiful blooms on display. Most noticeable are theContinue reading “AH, SPRING!”

A Little Background

While I am learning how to use WordPress, I will be making some short blog posts from time to time. This one has a little background on our move out here. Below is a picture of what put it in my mind to move to the Northwest… In case you don’t recognize this majestic mountain,Continue reading “A Little Background”

Welcome to the New Blog

This is my first blog post written on WordPress! I decided to move the blog to this platform to see if I could “jazz” it up a little bit. And with the Covid going on and all of us being on lockdown, I needed to change my routine and present myself with a challenge toContinue reading “Welcome to the New Blog”