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<<Featured Image: Today’s featured image shows a sign of the new season. This close up of a golden currant leaf with the sunlight behind it is quite striking.>> CHANGING OF THE SEASON The season has changed on us once again. It seems like it just changed over from Spring to Summer, and now, all ofContinue reading “HAPPY FALL, Y’ALL”


<<Featured Image: This week’s featured image shows the puzzle that we finished this past week. This is one we have done before, and is one of my very favorite puzzles because it is very colorful, and has very definite images where you can match up the edges. Some puzzleshave blurry lines and are extremely hardContinue reading “RANDOM THOUGHTS”


<<Featured Image: I was checking out my Mary rose bushes this morning and saw this one solitary bloom. All of the flowers and plants out in the garden are giving their last gasp for the passage of Summer.>> THE PNW IS ON FIRE The main story this past week here in Yakima has been allContinue reading “LAST GASP”


<<Featured Image: Today’s featured image is a picture of some of my beautiful tomatoes, lined up on the windowsill above our kitchen sink. These are Black Krims, Early Girls, Big Rainbows, and Sweet 100’s, plus volunteer cherry tomatoes. The tomatoes have decided to start producing all at once!>> This past week we have had someContinue reading “COOLING OFF”


It’s that time of year again when we begin the slow, inexorable migration from summer into fall. The picture above of a hosta leaf aptly shows this migration in the colors going from vibrant green to dried-up brown. This is always a sad time for me because summer is my favorite season. As you probablyContinue reading “MIGRATION”