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Spring in Yakima is now in full swing as the temperatures are finally starting to be warmer on a consistent basis. Every year we usually get a few really warm days that make us think that Spring is most decidedly here. But then we usually get a couple of weeks of very cool, overcast daysContinue reading “IN FULL SWING”


This past week I have been busy getting all my plants into the ground out in the garden. I got a few planted Friday, then I finished them up on Saturday and Sunday. Now I have to get the soaker hoses positioned and then spread straw on top of them to cut down on evaporation.Continue reading “GARDEN TIME”


Last Sunday, as we were having our cocktail hour, I was in the kitchen getting supper prepped when I heard Linda say, “Come look at this!” I rushed into the living room and she pointed out the window. Hopping around out on the Golden Currant bushes was a small yellow bird. I grabbed my cameraContinue reading “ANOTHER UNFAMILIAR VISITOR”


Last Wednesday, as I was putting the finishing touches on my blog, I heard Linda call out something from the living room. I ran in there and she said “Hummer!” Sure enough, there was a tiny little male Rufous Hummingbird at my feeder. I grabbed my camera and got about 3 seconds of video throughContinue reading “ALL ABOUT THE HUMMERS”