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It is towards the end of January and we are about to enter a period of the “doldrums“, which in common use means a “period of inactivity, stagnation, or depression.” The “doldrums” also is a word used to refer to a belt around the Earth, the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ), which is familiar to allContinue reading “IN THE DOLDRUMS”


Sunday morning as I was sitting in my chair having my coffee, I just happened to look out the front window and saw a hummingbird come up to the feeder. I picked up my binoculars and looked at the little hummer and saw it was a male! Rodney has returned! Well, I don’t know ifContinue reading “A WELCOME VISITOR”


After last week’s snow had finally stopped on Thursday, we wound up with about 11″ of accumulation at our house. This picture above is what it looked like on the tables out on our patio. Needless to say, that meant more shoveling and more days spent in the house, not going anywhere. Not that weContinue reading “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”


Here we are, going on into our third year of the pandemic. Remember back when it started we all thought after two weeks of quarantining it would all be over? We were so clueless! I hope everyone had a safe and happy Christmas. It was nice getting together with our fully vaccinated and boostered familyContinue reading “SAME OLD NEW YEAR”