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GARDEN UPDATE <<Featured Image: This picture of some tomatoes on my Sweet 100 plant is, to me, beautiful beyond words. Tomatoes are one of my absolute favorite things. These particular little red orbs are so sweet that they are just like eating candy. My plant is just now starting to produce a few ripe tomatoes,Continue reading “GETTING THERE”


<<Featured Image: I never get tired of seeing these beautiful blooms out in the garden.>> Since we have had a few days with triple digits temperatures, the garden is finally starting to produce. I picked my first lemon cucumber a few days ago, and had it in my salad at lunch along with a fewContinue reading “THE GARDEN”


<<Featured image: Today’s featured image is a close-up of a Coneflower bloom. I thought it was interesting the way the middle of the flower creates a swirl pattern.>> BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS Some of our plants have pretty much bloomed out, but our Phlox plants have just recently opened up. Our Gallardias are still going strong, andContinue reading “HOT TIMES”


<<Featured Image: Our first sunflower to bloom this year had perfect timing! It arrived just as the hot weather did…finally!>> The temperatures are finally in the range where I don’t have to sit outside with a hoodie on or position my chair partly in the sun. I like to sit in the shade, so theContinue reading “FINALLY!”


<<Featured Image: I decided to bake myself a birthday cake. Chocolate cake with a Nutella buttercream icing. It hit the spot.>> BIRTHDAY TIME This past week was that time of year again where I advance the number on my age. So far this year, all of my family has had to celebrate their birthdays inContinue reading “ADD ANOTHER YEAR”