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This time of the year is, I think, my least favorite. It’s the time between Fall, when we get all the beautiful bright colors, and Winter, when we get the lovely white snowfalls. Around now is when we get a lot of dreary days, and even an occasional rain. Anybody who knows me well knowsContinue reading “DREARY DAYS”


Lately I have been closely watching the posts on Facebook concerning the weather around Yakima. Yesterday there were some posts showing the mountain passes that allow access to the Eastern side of Washington state. All of them are covered in snow, which I think has mainly fallen in the last day or two. We usuallyContinue reading “IT’S COMING”


Exactly three years ago, we were down in California at Linda’s Dad’s house, taking care of him while her sister and brother-in-law (Wendy & Robin) took a break from his caregiving. I remember we spent many hours watching sports on TV, which included the 2017 Baseball World Series. It was always fun watching sports withContinue reading “GOOD NEWS FOR A CHANGE”


This past Sunday we made the short drive over to the Yakima Arboretum. You may remember that our planned walk there the week before had been postponed due to rain (we rarely get to say that in Yakima). But fortunately, this day the weather was gorgeous and was predicted to be the warmest day forContinue reading “YAKIMA ARBORETUM”