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Spring finally came to Yakima this past week, if only for a couple of days. We had two very nice, warm, sunny, and absolutely beautiful days in a row, and then the next two or three days the wind blew a gale and it turned cold again. We had the water in our bird bathContinue reading “IT’S HERE”


Over the course of the years, we find ourselves coming upon certain milestones. Back in the day, the first big milestone was getting your driver’s license. The next one was turning 21 and being able to buy alcohol. After that it was most likely getting married, having children, starting a career, and so on throughContinue reading “ALMOST HERE”


If you remember from last week’s post, I had moved my hummingbird feeder to the front porch and was waiting for those little rascals to show up. That afternoon, after I had posted my blog, I saw a hummer on the feeder! And it kept coming back, too. Over the course of the past week,Continue reading “MORE SIGNS OF SPRING”