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THE SOUND OF SUMMER This week I am sharing a video from a couple years ago when Linda and I made our trip Back East to visit relatives and friends. Ever since we moved to Yakima, I have missed out on one thing that was ever-present during the summer in North Carolina. I am talkingContinue reading “IN A CLOSEUP MOOD”


This past week it’s all been about two things: the heat, and my birthday! The Pacific Northwest is in the middle of what is called a “heat dome”. I found an article on the Washington Post website (click here to read the whole article) that states a “heat dome” can form “when the summer sunContinue reading ““…GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN””


As predicted, the weather has really warmed up now and it is HOT! But it’s going to get even hotter. Next Sunday is my birthday and it is going to be a doozy. I remember my Daddy telling me that the summer I was born was the hottest they had seen in a long time.Continue reading “HEAT IS HERE”


I have been wanting to go to Randall Park to check it out and see if there are any baby ducks or geese there yet. So on Sunday, we rode over there. Upon arriving at the pond viewing area, we were met with a pond almost covered in some kind of pollen or scum. ItContinue reading “AROUND AND ABOUT”


<<Featured Image: I was checking out my Mary rose bushes this morning and saw this one solitary bloom. All of the flowers and plants out in the garden are giving their last gasp for the passage of Summer.>> THE PNW IS ON FIRE The main story this past week here in Yakima has been allContinue reading “LAST GASP”