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<<Featured Image: Today’s featured image is a picture of some of my beautiful tomatoes, lined up on the windowsill above our kitchen sink. These are Black Krims, Early Girls, Big Rainbows, and Sweet 100’s, plus volunteer cherry tomatoes. The tomatoes have decided to start producing all at once!>> This past week we have had someContinue reading “COOLING OFF”


It’s that time of year again when we begin the slow, inexorable migration from summer into fall. The picture above of a hosta leaf aptly shows this migration in the colors going from vibrant green to dried-up brown. This is always a sad time for me because summer is my favorite season. As you probablyContinue reading “MIGRATION”


<<Featured Image: This week’s featured image is a picture of one of the Zinnias that I planted out in the garden to attract bees. It has finally gotten big, and is doing its job well.>> As we come to the end of August, summer is starting to wind down. I have noticed how dark itContinue reading “WINDING DOWN”


<<Featured Image: I never get tired of seeing these beautiful blooms out in the garden.>> Since we have had a few days with triple digits temperatures, the garden is finally starting to produce. I picked my first lemon cucumber a few days ago, and had it in my salad at lunch along with a fewContinue reading “THE GARDEN”