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<<Featured image: Today’s featured image is a close-up of a Coneflower bloom. I thought it was interesting the way the middle of the flower creates a swirl pattern.>> BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS Some of our plants have pretty much bloomed out, but our Phlox plants have just recently opened up. Our Gallardias are still going strong, andContinue reading “HOT TIMES”


<<Featured Image: Our first sunflower to bloom this year had perfect timing! It arrived just as the hot weather did…finally!>> The temperatures are finally in the range where I don’t have to sit outside with a hoodie on or position my chair partly in the sun. I like to sit in the shade, so theContinue reading “FINALLY!”


<<Featured Image: This week’s featured image shows our backyard and my view of it when I sit outside in my lounge chair. All this green is always a welcome sight after the long, brown winters here.>> METAMORPHOSIS OF A PERENNIAL SUNFLOWER While walking out in the back yard this past week, I decided to takeContinue reading “THE VIEW FROM HERE”


<<Featured Image: I decided to bake myself a birthday cake. Chocolate cake with a Nutella buttercream icing. It hit the spot.>> BIRTHDAY TIME This past week was that time of year again where I advance the number on my age. So far this year, all of my family has had to celebrate their birthdays inContinue reading “ADD ANOTHER YEAR”


<<Featured Image: On our walk one day we came across a lone poppy growing up in the crack between the street and the curb. It was so beautiful, and a welcome alternative to the usual weeds.>> Things in Yakima have been heating up recently. That thing that I have waited for so impatiently for monthsContinue reading “IT’S OFFICIALLY SUMMER”