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Today’s post is going to be short because I need to get cracking on some things for tomorrow. I hope everyone has their turkey thawed out by now, has a good plan for cooking it (and everything else), and hopefully you will all be able to gather with friends and/or family to celebrate. This yearContinue reading “HAPPY THANKSGIVING”


The weather is definitely getting colder. I saw a sparrow ice-skating across the bird bath this morning. I know the hummingbirds are enjoying their heated feeder. The male Anna’s is definitely enjoying it as he has decided it is his feeder. I see the other two hummers at the feeder a lot less frequently now.Continue reading “GETTING COLDER”


I thought I’d start off the blog with a colorful picture. This above is the display of Fiesta dinnerware at our local Fred Meyer store. I just adore the lovely colors that Fiesta continues to put out. Linda and I have been collecting Fiesta ever since we lived in Lumberton. We even have some oldContinue reading “ALWAYS SOMETHING”