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Last week we had several days when the temperatures were up into the 50’s and even 60’s, and everyone was saying, “Oh yay, Spring is here…finally!” Well, that’s what we thought. Anyway, Mother Nature was having none of that and she decided to let us know who is the boss. Yesterday morning when I gotContinue reading “WHAT WE THOUGHT…”


I decided to take another trip back to our house in Lumberton this week to show you some more pictures that I took when we lived there. It is amazing how the quality of pictures has improved over the years because I look at these and they all look blurry to me. But back thenContinue reading “GOING BACK AGAIN”


I haven’t done a “Wayback Wednesday” in quite a while. This is when I post some pictures from way back in the past. It is a theme that comes in handy when I don’t have many current pictures to share (and still no video because, you know, Apple). So without further ado, here are aContinue reading “ANOTHER WAYBACK WEDNESDAY”


I woke up this morning with a “wonky head”. That’s what I call it when I have a touch of vertigo. It just seems to make me feel wonky. A “wonky head” is not incapacitating, though. Believe me, I’ve had bouts of vertigo where I spent the entire day in the bed, not moving myContinue reading “JUST ANOTHER DAY”